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Advertise your establishment on ProPortal

ProPortal offers advertising for establishment owners who want to advertise their establishments more intensely on ProPortal. Here are the types of establishment adverts that we offer:


Premium Listing
This advertising space is available when a user searches by city. This listing advertisement will place your establishment into the top ten slots available when searching for a city, which means that your establishment will be in the first top ten searches that a person looking for accommodation will see. Once a person clicks on your advertisement they will be redirected to your listing, which will increase the changes that they will make a booking at your establishment.

Advertise Now and be in The Top Ten in Your City!



These two limited advertising spaces are available monthly for groups and individual establishment owners. This advert will place you in the spot light as it is on the home page and a person who is searching for accommodation can directly find your establishment by clicking on the advert hassle free, which will increase the chances that you will get a booking.

Advertise Now and be the First Establishment that is seen!

Home Page Banner


Listing Page Banner
The listing page banner advert gives you the chance to either advertise on the following levels: Country, Provincial and City. Each advert will give you the chance to get in touch with a potential customer that can book at your establishment.

Get the best in either one of the three adverts: Country, Province and City, don’t miss out and advertise now!

You as an establishment owner can provide us with the artwork or our expert designers can design you an advert for your establishment!