Save Money On Travel

Do you have champagne travelling taste but only have a beer budget? Learn how to save money on travel as we explore various ways to save money while traveling.

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Cheapest Days to Fly

Want to find cheap flights? Then make sure you do your homework. If you want to find cheap flights, then you should begin looking at prices at least 2 to 3 months in advance as the cheapest days to fly are 3 to 7 weeks before departure. Here are some of the best times to find cheap flights when flying around the world:

  • Domestic: Book between 4-6 weeks out
  • Europe: 6 months out
  • Asia: 5 weeks out
  • South America: 3 to 6 weeks out
  • Central America: 4 to 5 weeks out
  • Africa: 2 months out
  • Caribbean: 2 to 4 weeks out

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Ways to Save Money on Travel

If travelling is high on your priority list (like it should be), but unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees, then worry no more! There are some simple ways to save money for travel.

  • Always ask about student discounts at StaTravel or at as the age limit goes up until 26 years.
  • Rent an apartment instead of a Hotel and safe on food. AirBnB is the perfect way to get low-cost vacation rentals.
  • Save on transport by staying in well located Hostels.
  • Save on accommodation by doing a home exchange or by house-sitting.
  • Camping is always a good idea! Camp in a National Park, a caravan park, or on the beach.

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Create a Savings Plan

 Preparation is key when planning to travel. To make your trip as smooth as possible, it is important to put a savings plan in place. Follow these 4 steps:

  • Assess – Your trip plan must be realistic to your financial situation.
  • Set goals –List all your travel goals and stay within budget.
  • Create a plan – Set a strict spending budget & remove unnecessary expenses.
  • Monitor and reassess – Your plan will evolve as your spending habits change. Make sure you stay within budget and don’t overspend.

Happy Pro-Travelling!

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