Interesting Facts About Mauritius

We have some interesting facts about Mauritius that you need to know. Ever wondered what the best time is to visit Mauritius or perhaps which Mauritian tourist attraction to visit? We cover all your burning questions and tell you exactly what you need to know about Mauritius.   Getting to Know Mauritius Discover some interesting facts about Mauritius before taking your next trip to this spectacular, tropical island:

  • For a long & happy life, move to Mauritius as they have the highest life expectancy at 73 years.
  • Remember the dodo bird? The dodo was only found in Mauritius before it became extinct.
  • You might see plenty of sugarcane fields on your next Mauritius trip, as it’s their top money earner for the economy.
  • Mauritius is one of the wealthiest & developed countries in the world. 
season breakdown

Breaking down the seasons

The Mauritius Seasons Breakdown:

Before booking your ticket make sure you know the Mauritius seasons, because unfortunately cyclone season is a reality.

  • The best Mauritius season is from May to December when the weather is cool and sunny.
  • Expect hot and humid summer weather from November to April.
  • Even winter is bliss from May to October as the days are sunny and warm.
  • Cyclone season hits from January to March and the wind is at its strongest on the east coast from July to August.
travel right

This is how to travel the right way

Travel Mauritius the Right Way:

It’s no secret that Mauritius boasts with some of the best tourist attractions. Plan your Mauritius holiday itinerary accordingly to fit in all of these must-visit Mauritius tourist attractions:

  • Want to see a real live sand rainbow? The seven coloured earth consists of seven different coloured sand dunes – a must see!
  • The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden will have you swooning at all the majestic trees.
  • Casela World of Adventures is the ideal family visit. A must for all animal lovers and adventure seekers.
  • The grandiose Chamarel Waterfall is the perfect spot to capture lasting Mauritius memories. 
Best Hotels

Where to stay, when to go, where to go

The Best Hotels in Mauritius:

  • Visit the Maritim Hotel, a luxurious Beach Resort & Spa with dazzling sandy beaches.
  • Paradise Cove is your all-in-one 5 Star family destination.
  • Get your very own private balcony, patio or terrace when you visit The Residence.
  • Enjoy mouth-watering cuisine at the Ambre Resort and Spa.
  • Le Victoria Hotel is conveniently situated between the tourist hub of Grand-Baie and Port-Louis.

So many reasons to go on a Mauritius holiday and for further motivation, listen to the wise words off Mark Twain: “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Happy Pro-Travelling!