Are you going on holiday to the Kruger National Park? Don’t know what to pack?

Here is a list of what to pack:


If you are going to the Kruger National Park it is essential and almost a necessity to at least take your camera along, however a pair of binoculars is also important especially if you want to look at birds or wildlife that is far away.


It is essential to wear cooler clothing like cotton clothing if you are going to the Kruger National Park during the summer, because it seriously gets hot, however do not forget that it does sometimes rain in the area so a water proof jacket will be essential to have. At night it might also be cooler so it will be wise to bring along some long sleeve trousers/shirts if you know that you get cold easily. Do note that you should wear comfortable shoes like takkies (sneakers) or boots.

First Aid Kit:

Take along a basic First Aid Kit- because you never know when you will need it.
Make sure you add medicine like: Allergy pills, antibiotics and anti-Malaria pills.

Insect Repellent:

Mosquitoes are more prone to be around during the spring and summer time so it is essential to add mosquito repellent on the list of what to pack and make sure that you have enough of it.

Other important items:

It is essential to keep a water bottle with you and to drink water so that you do not dehydrate. A flashlight can also come in handy especially if you decide to hike. A repair kit this can come in handy if you packed light and your button comes lose or something tears. Sun block-SPF 30-50 is a must during all seasons, the sun in South Africa can be very dangerous to ones skin if precautions are not made.

Please note:

The Kruger National Park animals are not domestic animals. They are wild animals and they need to be respected. Do not think that you can walk up to them and pet them because they are wild and they will act on their first instinct. It is essential for you to put your safety and the wild animals safety first at all times.


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